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Swedish company Ericsson is conducting an audit of a site in Russia’s region of Kaliningrad. According to Kommersant Daily, the company wants to know if it can build telecom base stations there. The Russian publication cited unnamed telecom industry sources.

Russia has said it plans to extend telecoms operators’ licenses beyond 2023 for the long-term evolution (LTE) networks, but not without a condition- they have to start building networks using only Russian equipment. The condition is a clear move on Russia’s part to promote Russian technology and IT services.

Ericsson could build its plant

Kommersant said that Ericsson is conducting a technological audit of a site belonging to GS group, a multi-industry holding company. According to Kommersant’s sources, Ericsson’s options include building its own plant or finding a Russian partner. GS Group declined to comment on the audit, while Ericsson didn’t immediately respond.

Kommersant reported that Ericsson said it is in continued dialogue with the authorities about 5G and other technologies in many countries. Russia is one of them. Over the year, Ericsson added Vodafone Germany and Vodafone UK to its expanding network of 5G core contracts.


Finnish Nokia announced a partnership with YADRO, a Russian developer and producer of servers and storage systems, to build 4G and 5G base stations. Last month, Nokia and YADRO signed a term sheet specifying the intent to enter into good faith negotiations that should result in a joint venture.

The companies did not disclose any planned investments. Kommersant reported that foreign vendors took an interest in localizing equipment, including ZTE and Huawei.