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Amazon has expanded IoT network service SideWalk with better connectivity for longer distances. The Amazon SideWalk Pro application is intended to deliver connectivity over longer distances for homes, industrial environments, farms and various remote locations.

Once, SideWalk was introduced as a service that allows IoT devices to sustain an internet connection when a home network fails. To do this, it temporarily borrows the Wi-Fi connection of others, such as neighbours.

However, SideWalk still results in large coverage gaps, especially for homes in remote areas. Amazon is introducing SideWalk Pro to close the gaps. A partnership with Ring, a smart technology subsidiary, plays a central role.

Expanding coverage

Within the SideWalk Pro portfolio, a rugged outdoor-capable device is introduced for sending and receiving data up to a distance of about eight kilometres. This extends the range of the built-in radios in Ring devices and the Amazon Echo speaker. In addition, the device features radios that can carry SideWalk signals to the cloud.

The solution is well suited for business applications. Think of increasing connectivity on college campuses, parks or factory grounds. The device makes it possible for remote business environments to benefit from cloud connectivity.


In practice, the device is already being used to extend connectivity for scientific sensors at Arizona State University. The devices are also being used by Thingy, a manufacturer of outdoor air quality sensors. These sensors provide firefighters with up-to-date information on the condition of forests and the need for fire safety.