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Juniper Networks has expanded its router portfolio with new virtual Session Smart Router (SSR) features. The organization also announces two hardware-based SSR routers for branch offices.

Juniper Networks’ virtual router solutions are based on technology from 128 Technology, which it acquired in 2020. The startup’s networking technology provides WAN connectivity to enterprise customers.

The technology uses AI to autonomously manage network environments or Day 2+ operations based on real-time usage sessions and business policies. An improvement of the common, static policies used to spin up networks.

The updates

The SSRs have been updated to allow Day0/Day1 work as well. Think of designing, building, configuring and deploying (data center) networks.

The updated SSRs enable routers to be set up and configured from the cloud. A cloud-based console allows maintenance tasks, monitoring performance and resolving problems. IT administrators are able to set up data traffic routing in (data center) networks and enforce various security policies and settings. The virtual SSR solutions run on hardware from various vendors.

Furthermore, Juniper Networks introduced an (additional) Branch Security Pack for its SSR routers. This enables companies to discover breaches and filter malicious data traffic.

Ultimately, the virtual solutions can be highly valuable for companies that depend on hardware from various vendors. The software-defined technology provides a universal tool that leverages previous investments.

Hardware-based routers

In addition to the virtual SSR options, Juniper Networks introduced three physical SSR appliances that support the software-based technology: the SSR120, SSR130 and the SSR1000.

The SSR120 and SSR130 are suitable for small and medium-sized branch offices. The SSR1000 suits on-premises data center and cloud environments.

Above all, these smart router appliances are valuable for companies that already use wired or wireless switches from Juniper Networks.

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