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Dell has expanded its APEX portfolio of managed infrastructure and cloud services to include various cloud services. The portfolio will also offer more solutions for DevOps and further support for various Kubernetes platforms.

Dell APEX consists of managed infrastructure and cloud services that aim to reduce IT departments’ time investments in the daily management of their environments. For this purpose, the portfolio has been updated with new services for (multi)cloud management and DevOps.

APEX Multi-Cloud Data Services

The newly introduced APEX Multi-Cloud Data Services should primarily make it easier for companies to access data in different cloud environments. To this end, Dell released various file, block, object and data protection services supported by all major public cloud environments.

Users will soon be able to easily connect storage and data protection solutions to public cloud environments from the APEX Console. This, according to Dell Technologies, prevents vendor lock-in, high data exit fees and costs for transporting data from one public cloud environment to another.

APEX Backup Services and Project Alpine

APEX Backup Services is one of the introductions that achieve the goal mentioned above. End-to-end protection of SaaS applications, endpoints and hybrid workloads are being added to the portfolio. The storage portfolio within Dell APEX is being expanded to include Project Alpine. This makes Dell’s well-known storage platforms for block and file storage available to public cloud environments.

DevOps options

Dell is also introducing various DevOps solutions in its APEX portfolio. Multiple DevOps-ready platforms are being developed with partners such as AWS, Microsoft, Google, IBM/Red Hat and VMware.

Furthermore, the tech giant will increase support for container orchestration platform Kubernetes. Dell APEX now supports Amazon EKS Anywhere on Dell PowerFlex and PowerStore platforms. SUSE Rancher is now supported on Dell VxRail platforms.

Additionally, Dell Technologies for DevOps is expanding its Dell Technologies Developer portal. According to the tech giant, it serves as a one-stop shop for delivering infrastructure as code. Users have access to the latest Dell APIs, SDKs, modules and plug-ins.

Increased availability

Lastly, the availability of various Dell APEX services was expanded. Dell APEX Data Storage services are now available in 13 new countries in Europe and Asia-Pacific. The services are also available as colocation services in various Equinix International Business Exchange data centers located in Australia, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Dell APEX Cloud Services with VMware Cloud were made available in Germany, France, the UK and the US.

Tip: Dell Technologies APEX offers IT-as-a-Service; hybrid- and multi-cloud