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European data centers innovations are expected to drive investments to $7.5 billion by 2027.

A recent Arizton research report shows how European data centers are expected to power the market in the coming years. Innovations are key, including eco-diesel generators, natural gas generators, and hydrotreated vegetable oil fuel. Implementing these can help reduce the harmful impact data centers have on the environment.

Investments in Europe

As remote work and technological innovations increase, data centers grow in importance. Innovations in powering data centers play a significant role in the growing market and are set to pull in significant investments in the coming years.

The Arizton report suggests that the market is expected to grow at a 7 percent CAGR with an investment of $7.5 billion by 2027. These investments can improve technological advancements and propel the European data center power market to new heights.

Key highlights

The following are some of the major innovations responsible for the sector’s growth:

  • Data centers in Europe use eco-diesel, NG generators, and HVO fuel to power their centers. This has a positive impact on the environment
  • Integration of fuel cells such as hydrogen-powered fuel cells to power their facility
  • Integration of software-defined power infrastructure
  • Local governments are adopting renewable energy for data centers
  • Innovations are set to produce a surplus of 2.5 GW in Europe in 2027

The innovations in Europe have seen a rapid increase. These new practices can benefit the continent from both an environmental and financial standpoint. While Europe is the front runner in this race of sustainability, other continents are sure to follow.