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VMware helps cloud providers grab the increasing demand for sovereign cloud services.

VMware recently expanded its ‘Sovereign Cloud Initiative’ to help businesses and companies interact with trusted regional and national cloud providers. Many VMware customers need to follow certain regulations that limit who can access data. This can mean that they have to utilize trusted cloud service providers near their business. The Sovereign Cloud Initiative was explicitly launched for users with specific data control and access scrutiny requirements.

About the expansion

This expansion includes brand-new VMware Sovereign Cloud partners. Some of the fourteen new members include Sopra Steria AS, Saudi Telecom and Lonos SE. The members cover distinct regions across Canada, India, Mexico, Sweden, Australia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Spain, Italy, Germany, UK, the US and New Zealand.

Additionally, VMware says customers in various regulated industries like finance, banking, e-commerce, telecom, energy and healthcare can tap their services through partners without worrying about data sovereignty.

“This will allow customers to remain within sovereign regions and jurisdictional control while achieving cutting edge transformation at scale”, said Rajeev Bhardwaj, vice president of product management at VMware’s cloud infrastructure and business group.

Sovereign Cloud Companions

All VMware cloud partners provide the utmost data compliance and privacy. They help customers enjoy cloud benefits while strictly following data privacy rules and regulations. The company said various privacy, control, jurisdiction and sovereignty challenges are met.

Furthermore, VMware said its partners are offering new services backed by VMware Tanzu. Tanzu is a suite of tools for building, managing and deploy modern apps hosted in containers and controlled by Kubernetes. The suite allows VMware’s partners to offer services that extend beyond essential infrastructure and PaaS, providing customers with app modernization and fully managed clouds.