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The most awaited announcement of EC2 C7g for cloud computing is now available with the Graviton3 chip.

The Amazon Elastic Compute C7g instances are now generally available. They are the company’s next generation of compute-optimized instances powered by Amazon’s Graviton3 processors.

Designed for computationally demanding applications like analytics and scientific modelling software. The instances’ increased performance is believed to let them run a wider spectrum of compute-intensive tasks more effectively.

The Graviton3 processors are the third generation of Amazon Web Services proprietary chips, and they run on Amazon’s EC2 storage network.

Graviton3 CPUs give up double the performance of Graviton2 CPUs while also improving cryptographic job delivery. The chip also has a function called “pointer authentication” that helps limit the risk of cyberattacks by detecting and blocking malicious attempts to overwrite memory.

Nitro is designed to give a virtually identical performance to bare-metal servers. It combines hardware and software to enable isolated multitenancy, private networking, and fast local storage.

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AWS Graviton2-based instances will be well received by its biggest clients, including DirecTV LLC, Warner Bros. Discovery, and Formula 1. With 48 of the top 50 EC2 customers running this type of instance, this is a big win for Amazon.

C7g instances are now available in the US East (North Carolina) and US West (Oregon), with other AWS Regions to follow later this year. “AWS Graviton-based instances deliver significant performance and cost reductions to customers of all sizes,” stated David Brown, vice president of Amazon EC2. The company owns the end-to-end chip development process, meaning it can innovate faster than other cloud providers.