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Sony plans to invest heavily in electric and autonomous cars. The Japanese tech group is initially partnering with Honda to supply sensors to car manufacturers, as reported by the Financial Times.

Sony forecasts great growth in the market for automotive sensors and processors. In its recent corporate strategy, the Japanese tech group set out to become one of the leading sensor suppliers by 2025. It plans to serve 15 of the top 25 global car manufacturers and thus claim 75 percent of the market. Sony primarily focuses on imaging sensors, which it already supplies to smartphone manufacturers.

Electric cars

The venture is supposed to lead to proprietary electric cars equipped with all Sony technology and sensors. For this, the Japanese tech group partnered up with Honda, a Japanese vehicle manufacturer. The joint venture already delivered the Vision-S, a prototype electric car packed with Sony technology.

Chip production

Sony and Honda’s electric cars require many processors. A tough job, considering the chip shortage rages on. The Japanese tech group entered into a joint venture with TSMC and plans to manufacture the processors itself. A budget of 7 billion dollars (6.5 billion euros) was reserved for this purpose.

Other portfolios

Aside from new markets, Sony will continue to develop its existing portfolio in the near future. The tech group continues investing in consoles to increase production of the PlayStation 5, among others. Besides that, the group will focus on various gaming and mobile applications.

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