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AppDynamics Cloud will be available from 28 June onwards. The platform builds on AppDynamics, an existing solution for application performance monitoring (APM). AppDynamics Cloud extends its predecessor with support for cloud-native environments, including managed Kubernetes on AWS.

Cisco shared the news at Cisco Live 2022, an annual conference. AppDynamics Cloud is an expansion of AppDynamics, an existing platform for application performance monitoring (APM). AppDynamics helps monitor and improve the uptime and speed of applications. To function, the platform must connect to an application. Connections are currently made through agents. While agents are fine for SaaS and on-premises, applications in multiple clouds can cause trouble. That’s what AppDynamics Cloud addresses.

AppDynamics Cloud

Cisco designed the platform with the help of cloud partners and OpenTelemetry technology. First, cloud partners provide prebuilt integrations with cloud-native environments. The initial version of AppDynamics Cloud supports managed Kubernetes on AWS. Support for Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud follows at a later stage. Second, OpenTelemetry is a package of standards, APIs and SDKs for monitoring applications. The package is supported by several cloud-native platforms. AppDynamics Cloud can easily access any application running on these platforms.

To summarize, AppDynamics Cloud provides an easier way of finding and monitoring cloud-native apps than the existing version of AppDynamics. Aside from that, there are many similarities, because both platforms have the same goal. The technology offers insight into application performance. Such information allows administrators to fine-tune capacity, find bottlenecks and solve problems.

End of June

The platform will be available from 28 June onwards. Existing AppDynamics customers can upgrade their licenses to AppDynamics Cloud. Agents remain usable after the upgrade. No one is forced to upgrade, because both platforms are available separately.

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