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Taiwan’s TSMC expects to deploy one of ASML’s high-NA extreme ultraviolet lithography machines in two years’ time. The machine allows the chip manufacturer to produce extremely small chips.

TSMC is one of the first chip manufacturers to receive the technology from ASML. The Taiwanese giant has yet to finalize its production processes for the new machine. Resultingly, the first model will primarily be used for research.

ASML’s high-NA EUV machine is the most advanced chip-making engine in the world. The machine uses extreme ultraviolet radiation (EUV) to create tiny circuits on computer chips. According to Reuters, both Intel and ASML expect to use ASML’s new tech for mass production by 2025.

2-nanometer technology

Furthermore, TSMC recently provided details on its new 2-nanometer (N2) technology. This technology should improve the speed and lower the power consumption of its existing 3-nanometer (N3) technology. The N2 technology consists of a ‘nanosheet’ transistor architecture that ups the potential of produced chips. N2 chips should go into production in 2025.

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