Juniper Networks upgrades AI features with Mist

Juniper Networks upgrades AI features with Mist

Juniper has expanded its Wired Assurance, Wireless Assurance and Marvis cloud services with more Mist-driven AI insights.

Juniper Networks is making substantive upgrades and improvements to AI-driven network capabilities. The network provider acquired Mist systems for $400 million in 2019, gradually becoming the core of Juniper Network’s AI strategy. The latest updates provide users with improved network services.


Firstly, there is much better wireless performance thanks to the automatic placement of Juniper access points. The new feature utilizes the company’s vBLE – virtual Bluetooth Low Energy – antenna arrays known as Juniper Mist Wi-Fi Assurance. This is coupled with algorithms backed with machine-learning technologies to directly orient Mist Wi-Fi 6E or 6 APs on the Juniper Mist dashboard. Moreover, Juniper calculates the distance between APs, location, and orientation to remove any misplacements and move them accordingly.

The second update substantially reduces the time taken to repair through network insights and AIops actions. Marvis is Juniper’s virtual network assistant that comprises ‘Actions’ to eliminate any network issues. The new upgrade adds actions like wired authentication and DHCP failure scopes to improve customer experience by staving off any disruptive network issues.

The third upgrade increases scalability and provides a seamless experience through a new Ethernet switch called EX4100. It simplifies operations to optimize high scalability and removes complexities via EVPN-VXLAN fabric that extends to access and distribution layers.