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EnGenius launche the ESG510. The security gateway strengthens networks through a firewall, load balancing and VPN options.

The ESG510 is the first security gateway in EnGenius’ cloud offering. Until recently, the offering consisted of access points, switches and an interface to manage the network from the cloud. EnGenius did not supply security gateways. That recently changed.

The ESG510 is now available. According to EnGenius, the security gateway is compatible with every third-party network. The device includes a firewall and processes up to 2.5 Gbps of WAN and LAN network traffic over four ports. The processor has four cores and a clock speed of 1.6 GHz.

Every device in EnGenius’ cloud offering connects to EnGenius Cloud. A cloud dashboard allows admins to monitor and configure the devices remotely. The policies of the ESG510 are adjustable from the dashboard. The dashboard is available on both PCs and mobile devices.

VPN and load balancing

In addition to a firewall, the gateway makes it possible to configure a VPN. The ESG510 supports client-to-site and site-to-site VPN. According to EnGenius, self-managing features allow a new VPN to be configured in minutes.

The model has enough ports for load balancing. The ESG510 automatically switches to a backup provider if the main connection is lost. A USB port allows for a dongle in case both connections are lost.

Finally, the gateway offers a ‘Passthrough Mode’. This mode disables any feature outside of monitoring and security. As a result, the gateway does not interfere with the configuration of an existing network, allowing the device to be run in a third-party network.

ESG610 and ESG620

The ESG510 is the first entry to a three-part series. EnGenius is currently working on the ESG610 and ESG620. The release dates are unknown. Both models deliver the same firewall, VPN and load balancing features as the ESG510. The processors have a higher clock speed. In addition, the ESG620 offers two 10G SFP+ ports and four additional 2.5G ports. The ESG510 is the least expensive model in the series.

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