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Research firm Gartner expects these 25 tech trends to act as force-multipliers of digital innovation and business in coming years.

The analyst company published its latest Gartner Hype Cycle, known as the ‘Hype Cycle For Emerging Technologies’, with a focus on three major trends, including the expansion and evolution of immersive experiences, an expedition of AI automation and optimized tech delivery.

Different from the 2021 Hype Cycle

The new, emerging technology trends differ sharply from Gartner’s 2021 Hype Cycle. Analysts who compiled these 25 tech trends said the technologies are dynamic by nature. In addition, most technologies identified by the Hype Cycle are featured only for one to two years at best, after which these technology trends have to incorporate other modern innovations.

Nevertheless, Gartner said the tech trends it identified in its latest Hype Cycle can potentially provide major competitive advantages to lighthouse consumers (or early adopters) in the coming two to ten years.

 “Emerging technologies offer transformational potential for businesses, but CIOs and technology innovation leaders are challenged to scale digital capabilities while improving sustainability in the face of expanding resource constraints”, said Gartner VP Analyst Melissa Davis. “It is essential that organizations cut through the noise surrounding emerging technologies to accelerate change by leveraging innovations that drive competitive differentiation and efficiency.”

Gartner said the digital experience is inching towards becoming more immersive. Many emerging technologies will support virtual representations, ecosystems, engagement modes and digital environments of customers and people.

These new techs largely revolve around innovations that emerge from cryptocurrency and blockchain. The techs involve super apps, decentralizes identity, Web3, digital humans, nonfungible tokens and the metaverse.

Gartner further believes AI automation is a vital part of existing and new products, solutions, and services. The trend may lead to the development of a new breed of AI models, which can be employed to automate and streamline model development, deployment, and training.

Optimized tech delivery refers to how successful digital companies are designed instead of acquired. Gartner identified a series of technology trends centered on service, solution, and product builder communities, including platforms they utilize.

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