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The 10 technology trends to watch for in 2024, according to Gartner

The 10 technology trends to watch for in 2024, according to Gartner

Protecting investments, the “Rise of Builders” and delivering value are the key themes for 2024.

That’s what analyst firm Gartner predicts in publishing the top 10 technology trends for next year. Companies are set to primarily deploy technology in the coming year that will better protect their existing investments over the longer term.

Key steps they plan to take to do this include halting uncontrolled (technology) experimentation that is not going in any direction, establishing a realistic ROI for projects and ensuring that innovation is customized and can be reused where appropriate.

Five of the 10 technology trends identified by Gartner for 2024 appear to fit into this framework. Specifically, these include technology trends such as AI Trust, risk and security management, management for continuous threat exposure, industrial cloud platforms, sustainable technology and the democratization of generative AI.

Top strategische technologietrends 2020.

Letting anyone create software

In addition to protecting investments, Gartner identifies two other trends. First, the “Rise of the Builders”. By this, the market specialists refer to the opportunity that companies now have to let everyone make software.

This with the help of a roadmap that allows non-developers to have their own applications developed in close collaboration with business practices. In doing so, these applications should be tailored to their business sector, business requirements and specialized employees.

The technology trends Gartner identifies for this are platform engineering, AI/AR-enabled application development, industrial cloud platforms, intelligent applications and sustainable technology.

Garner's belangrijkste strategische technologietrends 2020.

The third and final trend that Gartner says will become important in 2024 is delivering (added) value. For this, companies need to develop more options to gain profit from changing customers, such as opportunities for “algorithm customers,” facilitating the use of evolving digital tools and improving the skills of their employees.

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