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‘Global PC sales have hit all-time low’

‘Global PC sales have hit all-time low’

Global PC sales reached their all-time low in the last quarter of this year, according to analyst firm Gartner. A rebound is expected next quarter.

Gartner figures show that a total of 64.3 million PCs and laptops were sold in the third quarter of 2023. That’s 9 percent less than in the same quarter in 2022, when 70.6 million units were purchased.

The disappointing sales figures mark the eighth consecutive quarter that global PC sales have declined, the researchers say. This time, it appears that the nadir has been reached, according to Gartner.

Growth again in fourth quarter

Gartner sees the upcoming quarter as bringing more positive news. Sales are expected to grow, subject to changing market conditions. According to Gartner, suppliers now have the end of their inventory in sight, meaning demand could increase again next quarter. However, this does depend on consumer appetite during the holiday season.

In addition, sales may rebound due to a major refresh as more people switch to Windows 11. In addition, devices purchased at the beginning of the pandemic are due for their first replacement cycle.

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Lenovo sells most devices

In their quarterly report, the researchers also pay attention to the current state of the market. In the third quarter of 2023, Lenovo managed to sell the most PCs and laptops despite a slight decline. This manufacturer’s market share is now about 24 percent. HP follows in second place and even managed to achieve minor growth. Dell follows in third place, despite a double-digit drop in sales.

Apple is fourth and recorded a remarkable drop in sales by almost 15 percent. According to Gartner, the large deficit is down to the fact that supply constraints were resolved during last year’s third quarter. These devices were particularly popular among students and teachers because of the start of the academic year. This year, however, sales were disappointing.

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