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NTT and VMware are coming up with a solution that combines edge capabilities and private 5G.

More and more businesses rely on data from distributed environments, which is increasingly processed at the edge of the network rather than in data centers.

NTT and VMware joined forces to develop a solution that should provide the edge services, connectivity and bandwidth required to process data in edge environments.

Joint solution

Especially companies in manufacturing, logistics and entertainment sectors can benefit from the solution.

NTT integrates multi-cloud and edge platforms, network segmentation technology and experience in transferring data from public to private 5G networks. For this purpose, NTT uses its new private 5G solution.

In turn, VMware provides functionality for secure application development, resource management automation and real-time data processing technology. The entire solution runs on VMware’s Edge Compute Stack, including private 5G functionality.

Globally available

NTT manages the solution, which will be made available to customers worldwide through NTT’s global data center network. The solution is being marketed by both companies. The release date is unknown.

NTT and VMware unveiled the solution at VMware Explorer 2022, an annual conference. Techzine is on location. The most important news can be found on this page.

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