Romanian developers excel in programming languages favored overseas

Romanian developers excel in programming languages favored overseas

Romanian IT professionals have a wealth of experience in Python and other programming languages favored among Silicon Valley startups.

Romania has emerged as one of the best European countries to find talent in recent years. Expertise has led local IT professionals to excel in Python and other programming languages preferred by Silicon Valley startups.

As companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Uber have grown in popularity, so has the demand for talented software developers and engineers who can help support them and build new products from scratch.

Developers from Romania are in demand

Whether you’re a global company or a small startup, technology is changing how we work. It has never been more critical to be innovative in your approach to challenges. Silicon Valley has been dominated by startups looking to change how technology is used.

With a population of over 20 million, Romania is a prime destination for hiring programmers from overseas. Local developers are trained in some of the most in-demand programming languages favored by US tech giants like Google and Facebook.

Favorable environment

In Romania, the proliferation of tech startups has created an environment where developers are on venture capitalists’ radars. It’s no surprise that many Romanian developers have benefited from the situation.

For instance, out of 1.8 million active GitHub users who use Python and C++ programming languages, over 20 percent were located in Romania, according to Stack Overflow’s monthly data reports.

This trend is expected to continue for programmers in Eastern Europe looking for opportunities abroad, given their strong command of English.