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Arm recently gave a sneak peek at its upcoming processor designs, including the latest version of the Neoverse V-series: the Neoverse V2 or ‘Demeter’ architecture.

Neoverse processors are Arm’s answer to the Intel Xeon and AMD EPYC architectures for datacenters. The Neoverse designs are divided into three series: the V-series, N-series and E-series. Each series targets different computing tasks.

Arm Neoverse V2 architecture

In a recent roadmap presentation, the chip designer focused on the latest developments in the Neoverse V-series and the introduction of the Neoverse V2 or ‘Demeter’ processor architecture.

This design is suited for high-performance cloud, hyperscale and HPC workloads. The chip designer caters to customers in need of more computing power to handle complex workloads as cloud adoption grows.

In addition, the architecture was designed for energy efficiency. Customers can reduce their carbon footprint. Arm points out that the architecture delivers high performance without requiring additional power or space in datacenter environments.


According to Arm, the first processors based on the Neoverse V2 architecture will come to market soon. The processors are designed and manufactured by partners. Arm said 20 partners have accepted the design since its release.

Nvidia, for instance, uses the design for its upcoming Grace datacenter CPUs. By combining Neoverse V2 technology with LPDDR5X memory, this processor is said to provide servers with up to two times more power per watt than servers with traditional architectures. Other partners include Ampere Computing, Marvell Technologies and AWS.

Arm Neoverse N-series and E-series

Arm disclosed few details on the roadmap for the Neoverse N-series and E-series. The Arm N-series architectures are often used for applications where thread count is more important than single-threaded performance. The Arm E-series architectures are often used in processors for data plane processing applications, including edge networking and 5G RAN.

The third version of the Arm Neoverse N-series is now in development. The architecture is expected in 2023. The successor to the Arm Neoverse E2 series is also in development and planned for 2023.