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Juniper Networks introduces Apstra Freeform. The solution allows any datacenter network to be managed in a single dashboard, regardless of the network’s topology, protocols and hardware.

Juniper wants to bring an end vendor to lock-in. The organization acquired Apstra in 2021. Apstra’s software allows operators to manage datacenter networks made up of diverse systems, protocols and topologies.

Juniper has been expanding Apstra over the past two years. The next update was recently announced. Apstra Freeform will be available shortly. According to Juniper, the update allows operators to manage any datacenter network, regardless of its topology, protocols and hardware.

Juniper Apstra Freeform

Freeform is a big step. The current version of Apstra supports a large number of systems, but some networks still fall between two stools. Juniper promises that Freeform can accommodate any network. “A single source of truth for datacenter configuration,” the organization said.

Like current versions of Apstra, Freeform lends itself to datacenter network planning. In addition to managing an active network, operators can draw up construction plans for future networks. Networks are configurable way before the datacenter’s walls are up.

Juniper announced three new Apstra licenses during the announcement. Cheaper options make the software more accessible. Customers can upgrade a license for more capacity anytime during a contract.

Reference designs

Although Apstra allows customers to design their own datacenters, operators don’t necessarily have to start from scratch. Juniper provides two services for customers that prefer reference designs. Apstra Automated Deployment features various reference designs for new datacenters, while Apstra Automated Migration features designs for datacenter migrations.

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