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Five major telecom providers will collaborate on interoperable cloud solutions for the telecom industry.

The initiative was dubbed Project Sylva. The project will be hosted by the Linux Foundation. Project Sylva consists of a collaboration among five major European telecom providers: Telefonica, Telecom Italia, Orange, Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom. The providers are working on a universal framework for cloud solutions in the telecom industry.

The goal is a guideline for the developers and vendors of telecom solutions. By following the guideline, organizations should be able to guarantee that their solutions integrate with those of third parties. The latter is challenging at this time, said Laurent Leboucher, CTO of Orange Innovation Networks.

“The telco cloud ecosystem today is fragmented and slowing down our operational model transformation”, Leboucher said. “Despite a transition to cloud-native technologies, a real interoperability between workloads and platforms remains a challenge.”

“Operators have to deal with a lot of vertical solutions that are different for each vendor, leading to operational complexity, lack of scalability, and high costs. Sylva, by providing a homogenous telco cloud framework for the entire industry, should help the ecosystem to use a common technology”

Timeline unknown

The project is in its infancy. In the coming period, the organizations will attempt to define the requirements that products must meet to fit the framework. In addition, the providers will start using open-source components to develop pilot solutions. The timeline is unknown.

The organizations will initially focus on a framework for solutions popular in the European market. International collaborations aren’t ruled out. The Linux Foundation said that Project Sylva is open to contributions from non-European companies.

Tip: EU doesn’t just want to implement standards, but set them too