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Addtech announced the acquisition of MCS Europe, a network product and IoT services provider based in Rotterdam and Mechelen.

MCS was founded in 1997. At present, the company has nearly 20 employees and about €7 million in annual sales. MCS specializes in network products and IoT services, including routers, managed switches and monitoring software. The company operates in the Netherlands and Belgium, with offices in Rotterdam and Mechelen.

Addtech is a listed Swedish concern with more than 140 subsidiaries. Their portfolios cover a broad range of IT and automation solutions. The companies within the concern operate under proprietary brand names. Likewise, the MCS brand remains intact following Addtech’s acquisition.

MCS and Addtech

The firm will become part of Addtech Automation, a division of about 40 subsidiaries focussing on industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Martin Fassl, Business Area Manager at Addtech Automation, said that MCS would continue to operate independently with the same portfolio and suppliers, claiming that customers won’t initially notice the change.

MCS sees the acquisition as a growth opportunity. The organization wants to partner with sister companies for international customers and orders. “We’re happy with Addtech”, MCS Europe Grup founder John van Nijnatten commented. “The possibility of collaborating with our sister companies makes it easier to deploy European projects.”

Internet of things

Van Nijnatten emphasized that MCS will continue to focus on wireless Internet of Things and mobile networking solutions. Its current offering includes managed switches, 5G gateways and IoT infrastructure services.

The market for IoT is growing. Research firm Statista expects the number of IoT devices worldwide to increase to 29 billion by 2030, tripling the amount of devices in 2020. Demand for service providers like MCS increases accordingly.

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