Gigabyte splits server business off into Giga Computing

Gigabyte splits server business off into Giga Computing

Gigabyte has split off its server and networking division into a new company called Giga Computing. The parent company will increase its focus on consumer PCs, laptops and GPUs.

Gigabyte claims the split-off won’t affect day-to-day operations or customer relationships. Giga Computing is fully owned by Gigabyte Group. The parent company is expected to increase its focus on consumer products such as desktops, laptops, GPUs and other PC components.


The split-off doesn’t come as a surprise. The plans were suggested in a June 2022 financial statement. Gigabyte said the server and network division would be spun off to improve the unit’s competitiveness and operational performance.

Analysts estimate the unit accounted for about a quarter of Gigabyte’s total revenue, equal to €730 million ($800 million) a year.

Giga Computing

Giga Computing is a relatively small player in the datacenter equipment market. The company provides niche applications for HPC, AI and communications platforms.

Its servers and datacenter equipment are often based on Nvidia A100 and AMD MI250 GPU accelerators, as well as Arm Altra and Altra Max processors from Ampere Computing.

Giga Computing’s systems typically feature the latest cooling technology, including liquid-cooled GPU servers and single/two-phase immersion tanks filled with non-conductive fluids.

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