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Dell Technologies introduced thirteen PowerEdge servers with Intel Sapphire Rapids processors. In addition, the organization unveiled updates to energy-saving and monitoring tools.

All of the new servers are available with 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors, also known as Sapphire Rapids. The processors run faster and more efficiently than Intel’s previous generation, Ice Lake. During the announcement, Dell zoomed in on three of the thirteen new models: PowerEdge HS5620, HS5610 and R760.

Dell PowerEdge HS5620/HS5610

The PowerEdge HS5620 and HS5610 will be available worldwide from April 2023. Dell designed the servers for cloud providers that manage large-scale datacenters for multiple vendors.

The models have two sockets and come in both 1U and 2U configurations. The servers are available with Dell Open Server Manager, an OpenBMC-based solution for large-scale server management.

Dell PowerEdge R760

The Dell PowerEdge R760 will be available worldwide from February 2023. Dell designed the server with performance in mind. The model is suitable for enterprises in general.

According to Dell, the model provides up to 2.9 times more performance for AI inferencing than the previous generation. The improvement is made possible by Intel’s new processors. The Sapphire Rapids series supports ‘accelerators’ for specific workloads. We explained the technology in our blog on the series.

In addition to AI inferencing, Dell claims the PowerEdge R760 improves virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) performance by up to 20 percent. The organization noted that the model allows more than 50 percent more SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) users per server than the previous generation.

Software and services

In addition, Dell announced an update to monitoring solution CloudIQ. The tool is used to predict server performance. The update supports more advanced predictions.

Dell also introduced ProDeploy services for server deployments. The new ProDeploy Factory Configuration allows customers to purchase turnkey PowerEdge servers, preconfigured with an operating system and hypervisor of choice.

Energy efficiency

Finally, Dell launched two energy-saving updates. First, the Smart Cooling portfolio was expanded with Smart Flow. According to Dell, the tool allows customers to reduce fan power consumption in new servers by up to 52 percent compared to the previous generation.

Second, Dell OpenManage Enterprise Power Manager received a series of features. Customers use the solution to manage server power consumption. The update monitors the consumption of virtual machines and identifies leaks in cooling systems.

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