Google to compensate its generative AI users for copyright claims

Google to compensate its generative AI users for copyright claims

Google is going to compensate users of its generative AI solutions who receive claims for violating copyrights in such use.

The help Google will now offer its customers in legal actions surrounding copyrights consists of financial compensations for any assigned copyright claims. More concretely, this means that in the event of such claims, Google will take full responsibility from its accused customers and eventually pay them if necessary.

Customers are important partners for AI

With this, the tech giant wants to indicate that it sees customers as important partners in the development and applications of (generative) AI and wants to give them every opportunity to apply it. Google itself says it is the first AI provider to offer such indemnification to its end users.

Google does indicate that users also play a role in (avoiding) allegations surrounding copyrights. The announced aid only applies if it was done without intent.

Training dates and output

The move made by Google addresses two areas of concern. Firstly, it will step in if companies are charged with copyrights regarding the training data underlying Google’s (generative) AI solutions.

This should give users greater protection against third-party companies accusing them of infringing on IP through Google’s training data.

Second, the tech giant offers compensation when users are accused of infringing on copyrights in the output created by it from the various (generative) AI solutions. In other words: when the final results would contain this infringement.

The AI tools and products subject to compensation are: Duet AI in Workspace, including generated texts in Google Docs and Gmail and generated images in Google Slides and Google Meet, Duet AI in Google Cloud, Vertex AI Search, Vertex AI Conversation, Vertex AI Text Embedding API/ Multimodal Embeddings, Visual Captioning/Visual Q&A on Vertex AI and Codey APIs.

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