Google Search executive concerned about Amazon and TikTok

Google Search executive concerned about Amazon and TikTok

Google Search executive Prabhakar Raghava is concerned about competition from Amazon and TikTok. The top executive said this during his testimony in the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) case against the tech giant.

The Google Search executive says he is awake at night because of competition from online retailer Amazon and ByteDance’s social media app TikTok. Also, mainly young people are said to spend four hours a day daily visiting WhatsApp or Instagram, which again keeps them away from Google Search.

The top executive made the statements in the lawsuit to show that the search platform does not have the “one-stop shop” function as claimed by the U.S. DoJ.

According to Prabhakar Raghava, the youngest generation uses Google Search mainly for doing homework, but go to other platforms for more interesting things. Especially the other interaction that (younger) users have with these platforms is leading to a decline in the use of the website-accessible search engine, the Google Search executive further indicates.

Further, where visitors used to go to Google for up-to-date information, they are increasingly going to the other platforms as well. These often offer the information faster than the search engine can index.

Also Amazon major competitor

In the field of online shopping, the use of Google Search is declining, now that potential buyers will first look around on Amazon’s platform. The U.S. DoJ tried to undercut the latter statement by arguing that Google Search is actively earning from the Amazon platform.

The Google chief admitted that Amazon pays billions of dollars for its online presence within Google Search.

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