Apple still wants to take a cut from app sales outside the App Store

Apple still wants to take a cut from app sales outside the App Store

Apple is looking for a way to still earn money from apps installed within the EU via sideloading from outside the App Store. With this, the tech giant wants to respond to the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Apple is currently investigating how it can still make money from and control apps that can be downloaded outside the App Store only in the EU.

In doing so, the company is looking to respond to the Digital Markets Act. Through the DMA, the EU wants to address the power of mainly U.S. big tech companies in the European market and bring about more competition. The law took effect in 2022, but the deadline to comply with it will be in March.

Apple was one of the companies for which the legislation in question was created. The EU wants to ensure that consumers have more choice than what Apple controls. Until now, only App Store apps can be installed on iPhones, iPads and the Apple Watch.

Apple always defends the use of its closed ecosystem by pointing to ensuring app security. Opponents, by contrast, have complained about anti-competitive practices, high commissions and impeding competition with the tech giant’s own apps.

Apple’s Plans

According to WSJ, Apple has been trying to find a way to manage the sideloading of apps for more than a year now. More specifically, this would involve creating the ability for Apple to scrutinize any app that is downloadable from third parties. In addition, the tech giant is also planning to collect a commission from developers who enable downloads outside the App Store. How high this commission will be is not known, sources claim.

Apple’s plans are another step in the tech giant’s legislative and regulatory battle with the EU. From the conception of the DMA, Apple was vehemently opposed to the measures imposed from the EU.

Developers busy preparing

Meanwhile, several app developers are already preparing to offer their apps for iOS in the EU outside the App Store. For example, Spotify is said to soon start offering the iOS app for its platform from its own website.

Meta would develop the ability to download its apps directly through Facebook ads. Microsoft is also said to be considering its own third-party app store for games.

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