Customers trust banking most with personal information

Customers trust banking most with personal information

44 per cent of the customers feel most comfortable sharing personal information with banking companies. With that, the sector enjoys the most trust in our country.

This is according to a survey by Thales among more than 12,000 customers. Other trusted institutions are active in healthcare (41%) and government services (37%). Thales does not necessarily find it surprising that the government, financial service providers and healthcare enjoy the most trust. After all, these sectors face strict regulations and responsibilities. Sectors ranked lower include logistics, social media companies and the media and entertainment industry.


An overwhelming majority of the people are also willing to share personal information with organizations, but this comes with certain expectations. They expect organizations to respect privacy rights. This mainly concerns the right to have personal data removed and the right to be informed about collecting personal information. In addition, a significant portion expects to be able to modify their data, request a copy of the data and move the information from one platform to another.

Thales’ survey highlights that such rights are essential to many people. For example, people have abandoned a brand in the past year because it asked for too much information. A login process that was too long, concerns about how personal information is used, and poor online services also led to disapproval of a brand.

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