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Nokia is introducing a suite of generative AI tools named MX Workmate. In this way, it aims to support employees in industrial (OT) environments in real-time, especially with troubleshooting and repairing machinery problems.

With the introduction of its suite of generative AI tools, MX Workmate, for OT environments, Nokia aims to have companies improve output in their factories. It helps companies by detecting problems in the machinery based on real-time data. These problems give direction to employees on the shop floor.

More specifically, the suite of generative AI tooling and underlying LLMs helps employees within OT environments in three ways. It sends early warnings of errors in machines, recommendations for repairs, and makes suggestions for ramping up production and improving its quality and volume. Nokia’s MX Workmate suite should also help resolve a plant accident quickly.

Nokia’s AI tool suite for OT environments will premiere at the upcoming MWC 2024 in Barcelona.

Further functionality

To make MX Workmate work, the AI tool ensures that all ‘enablers’ are connected to the existing Nokia OT-compliant edge solution, MX Industrial Edge (MXIE). To this end, integrated features include countering AI hallucination when running different LLMs simultaneously, providing communication between APIs and apps and delivering OT data on demand.

Using Nokia Team Comms, operators on the shop floor can query the AI assistant. MX workmate then sends back its answers in simple and straightforward language. This is based on natural language, which other AI assistants also use.

Furthermore, MX Workmate also includes various capabilities for AI auditing based on the strict use of OT standards. All this is based on real-time automated insights and supported analytics features.

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