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C&A, the international fashion chain that began in 1841 and is now active worldwide, has to deal with a data leak in Brazil. A hacker hacked into the platform where gift cards are issued. There, ID numbers and e-mail addresses were captured, as well as other data on the cards.

These include order numbers, the date on which the tickets were purchased and the amounts shown on them. The data was captured by a hacker who calls himself @joshua and is active for the Fatal Error Crew. The hacker published data on C&A customers who bought gift cards on the Pastebin site.


The Brazilian news site Tecmundo reports that the data of 36,000 customers were exposed during the attack. Apparently, the hack was carried out as a revenge on the way in which C&A searches for data on the unemployed in order to produce and issue gift cards and achieve sales targets.

Although C&A did not confirm the hack, it did confirm in a statement that cyber attacks were taking place within its gift card system. This was already mentioned last Thursday. The company immediately starts an emergency plan and takes legal action to solve the problem.

C&A also states that it does not use personal data for the sale of its gift cards. We want to emphasize our commitment to ethical business conduct and our respect for the law. We work to provide our customers with the best possible experience and that includes the online environments.

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