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From now on it is no longer possible to export the email addresses of contacts directly from LinkedIn. Until now, this has been possible for companies, recruiters and in fact all other users of the business social network. But from now on this is no longer possible, which makes LinkedIn an important privacy-focused choice.

Users who until now were never aware of the fact that their email address could be found so easily by companies, will not have any problems with that either. Spam will also be combated. However, the launch of this new feature, which has not been announced in advance, will not go well for some companies.

Already active

TechCrunch informs you that the function is already active. LinkedIn confirms this news by means of a spokesman at the site. With a new setting, which is enabled by default, it is no longer automatically allowed for third parties to download your email address. From now on, users will have to make a conscious choice in this regard.

It is a new institution that gives our members more control over their email address, suggests the spokesman. If you look at the Who can download your email address setting, you will see that a new option has been added, which is set to the strongest privacy setting by default. Members can choose to change that setting. This gives them control over who can download their e-mail address via a data export.

Most users will not have been aware that it was at all possible to download data in this way. LinkedIn has only announced this via the help section on the site, but has never made it widely known. So now it is certain that it was possible, but the function is also directly restricted.

Your connections can still find your email address on your profile. However, it is no longer possible to download them quickly.

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