‘European data laws no longer protect British Google users’

‘European data laws no longer protect British Google users’

Brits using Google services will no longer be protected by European measures on privacy and data security because of the Brexit. For example, the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR for short, will no longer cover the United Kingdom, since Google has already switched to applying US privacy legislation.

Reuters reported that Google will soon be coming up with a new Terms of Service that will inform users of the switch to U.S. jurisdiction. A move that, given the US government’s loose approach to user privacy, will have a significant impact on users of Google’s services.

By having less strict legislation on data acquisition, British police would be able to view collected data much more easily during an investigation into a suspect. In addition, Google would not be the only company wanting to fall below the GDPR in this way, but other major parties currently based in Europe (such as Facebook in Ireland) would also have a way out by switching to the UK.

Google states in a statement that accounts will indeed be transferred, but emphasises that nothing will change. The only reason Google gives for the switch is because it is not yet certain whether Great Britain will follow the GDPR or come up with its own alternative.

“Nothing related to our services and our approach to privacy will change, nor will it change the way we collect or process data. The security (of privacy) of the UK GDPR will still apply to users”.