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In an effort to speed up testing for the coronavirus, Amazon Web Services is making 20 million dollars available to organisations researching testing methods.

In the current situation, it often takes more than a full day for a patient’s test results to arrive. Research institutes and private companies that conduct research into accelerating that process (in order to have test results the same day) can make a claim on the budget made available. Part of the amount mentioned by AWS will then be paid out in the form of credits for the cloud services, as well as tech support.

According to Amazon, the project should not only boost research into the coronavirus, but the use of the services should also contribute to better cooperation between different organisations involved in the virus.

Initially, the focus of the fund will be on COVID-19, but after that the focus could also be shifted to other diseases.

Registration for the initiative can be done via the official page of AWS and until 30 June 2020. Accredited institutes and private companies from all over the world can claim the budget that has been made available.