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Investment company Platinum Equity is negotiating with HNA Group about the potential acquisition of Ingram Micro, according to Bloomberg sources. The IT vendor is allegedly valued at 7 billion dollars (5.9 billion euros).

Ingram Micro is one of the largest IT distributors in the world. A possible acquisition is in the works according to Bloomberg, not only Platinum Equity is being considered, Other companies are also interested in Ingram Micro, but their names are not disclosed.

If Ingram Micro were to be acquired by Platinum Equity, it would be one of the biggest deals for the American company. The IT vendor has 23 billion dollars in assets. Chinese HNA acquired Ingram Micro in 2016 for 6 billion dollars.

Financial Problems

HNA was severely affected by the corona crisis, and even before then, the company had its problems. In April it was announced on social media that the company’s future was hanging by a thread. The Chinese government appointed a supervisor to oversee the company’s financial problems. There were also rumours that HNA would be nationalized, after which Ingram Micro-CEO Alan Monie announced that the company operates entirely independently.

Ingram Micro, Platinum Equity and the HNA Group have not yet made any announcements regarding the potential acquisition.