Dell expects 60% of their workforce to work from home post-pandemic

Dell expects 60% of their workforce to work from home post-pandemic

Jeff Clarke, the COO of Dell, said that about 60% of the 165,000 Dell employees would not return to the office regularly, even after the pandemic. During the Q2 earnings conference, the executive said the business had completed its 171st day of working remotely.

He continued to add that this new work situation’s novelty has worn off before poetically asserting that Covid-19 has made one thing very clear.

“Work is something you do, an outcome, not a place or time.”

According to Clarke, it takes teamwork and culture to make outcomes and results the priority, over effort.

A human transformation

Though Dell has new team members trying to meet many challenges like caregiving, parenting, countries, and citizens, they are still working hard to increase employee engagement and boost productivity, which they say is at an all-time high.

“We are seeing a human transformation right before our eyes,” according to Clark.

The work from home trend has existed even before the pandemic. However, this surge of Covid-19 has accelerated how fast businesses have to change and adapt. The lockdowns and other restrictions by governments mean that companies have to do what they can.

A new reality

Clarke, who’s also a vice-chairman, said that Dell would never go back to the way things were before after all the investment to enable remote working. He stated that they expect 60% of their workforce to continue working from home or using a hybrid schedule that involves occasional office hours.

According to recent research by the savvy folks at McKinsey, 4 out of 5 people in a survey said that they liked working from home, 41% thought it made them more productive, and 26% said they felt as productive as they have always been.

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