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Google warned that the new ‘hybrid working’ model introduced to cope with the effects of a global pandemic, could affect its productivity and finances. The company’s concerns are about social distancing measures and the hybrid model (where employees are allowed to work from home while others are in the office).

Google says that it will increase costs and maybe even affect the company’s corporate culture. The statement was included in Google’s annual 10-K report.

The tech giant has made a name for itself, by offering employees several perks as incentives. It has more than 135,000 full-time workers but employs temporary and freelancer workers from third-party firms.

Google’s rough road

The company stated that as it prepares to return its employees to the office this year, it could experience increased costs to prepare the facilities for a safe return.

The statement continues to say that the experimentation with a hybrid work model could affect its ability to compete effectively and keep its corporate culture intact.

Google was one of the first companies to order its employees to work from home. However, as the pandemic was still ongoing, it issued some iffy instructions for its ‘return to the office’ plan.

Google’s three-day rule

The company has made some announcements testing the hybrid approach and renting out large office spaces across the globe.

It was reported in December that CEO Sundar Pichai told Google employees that remote working would continue to September 1. There was a stipulation that included that they would have to work at least three days in the physical office and be within suitable commuting distance.

Microsoft has voiced similar concerns about the mass shift to remote working. It remains to be seen what impact the hybrid model will have.