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Protecting passwords is hard. Remembering them is even harder. Using the same password for everything is very dangerous, and one needs to have strong measures to stay safe. We have all had passwords that were subpar in the past.

Recently, there have been tools and services to protect your passwords, remember them for you, and recommend safer variations.

Google is working towards that end, with the release of a Chrome update (v. 88), making it easy to repair all your weak passwords in one fell swoop. The assumption here is that you are using the browser, but you can always start.

Your passwords are your first line of defense

Most people would benefit from stronger passwords that are harder to hack or guess. There could be many unique characters in your password, making it harder to remember them. However, we are all told that they need these unique characters for our safety.

If you are using one password for everything, a potential hacking campaign could collect your password and be able to access everything, including your finances.

Using Chrome for password management is a great choice, given that it now comes with this password management service built into it.

Here’s how to do it

When you open the browser, click on the key icon. You can also go to the settings and then passwords. You will see an option to ‘check passwords,’ which will show you all the passwords the browser determines to be weak.

It will also give you the proper links so you can change them. You can also utilize other parts of the feature to create new and stronger passwords for you.

The same feature also shows you which passwords have been compromised in the past. The feature is currently rolling out on desktop and iOS.