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Google Chrome will now warn users for weak passwords

Google Chrome will now warn users for weak passwords

Users who try to save a weak password in the Google Chrome password manager will now receive a warning message. Google tries to improve user behaviour by letting users choose for stronger passwords.

Last year, Google Chrome already added a function which checks stored passwords against data breaches. Users could get a warning when there was a possibility a password was leaked. This warning will also be shown when a users is trying to log into the relevant site. Now Chrome added a new feature which continues in this path, it will now show warning messages when users are using weak passwords or try to save a weak password.

The feature is currently already available in Google Chrome Canary and can be activated via flags (shown under ‘Passwords weakness check’).

Password managers can help companies be more secure

A lot of enterprises use single sign-on to integrate their users with all the different Saas-services out there. Unfortunately there are also smaller companies without single sign-on or webservices that don’t support single sign-on. For those situation a corporate dedicated password manager can be a good solution.

Users will be forced to use stronger password which are saves in the password manager. Those password manager will help users login to their webservices, by just logging into their password manager application. In the end it’s a simplified version of single sign-on. It’s also possible with a dedicated password manager to share logins and password trough the password manager with coworkers.