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The European Parliament is wrestling internally with the question of which committee should take the lead in tackling big tech companies within the European Union. The legislative proposal for the regulation of digital platforms may be delayed as a result, according to the Financial Times.

According to the British business newspaper, various committees within the European Parliament are arguing about who will take the lead in tackling large tech companies in order to prevent unfair competition. In December 2020, European Commissioner Margrethe Vestager presented a bill to this effect, but it has yet to be discussed by the European Parliament. The argument is now about which committee gets to deal with this now because of the portfolio.

Digital Markets Act

The bill in question, actually two proposals, should establish new rules that will better protect consumers and their fundamental rights on the Internet. The regulations should bring innovation, growth and competitiveness to users. In particular, it will facilitate the scaling up of smaller platforms, SMBs and start-ups, as they will have easy access to customers across the single market while having lower compliance costs.

Moreover, online platforms that are or are expected to become gatekeepers in the single market will not be able to impose unfair terms under the new rules. Specifically, online platforms that are gatekeepers to the single market, or are expected to become gatekeepers, will not be able to impose unfair terms under the new rules.

Action needed

The row in the European Parliament may lead to a delay of this legislation, warns Margrethe Vestager. Therefore, she wants action to be taken immediately. A decision is expected by the end of this month.

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