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Jamf, the software company specializing in Apple enterprise management, announced that it has signed an agreement to purchase Wandera, the zero-trust cloud security startup. The deal is valued at $400 million. Wandera was founded in 2012 and offers a unified cloud security solution.

The solution is touted as the most suitable for the modern workplace. The company ensures zero-trust access to customer applications, offering security for data and devices. It also helps put policies in place that manage access to the internet to reduce exposure risks. The unified approach is managed from a single console.


The zero-trust cloud security company offers network access to its product, using a SaaS model and internal applications that ensure discoverability and reachability of data and apps is not easy or possible. Wandera says that it has thousands of customers, including General Electric, PayPal, Toshiba, Pepsi, Ernst & Young, Mastercard, and more.

Jamf acquiring the company means that it expands its enterprise security division. Jamf offers zero-trust network access to SaaS and internal applications so that apps and data are protected from being discovered or reached.

The goal

Dean Hager, the CEO of Jamf, said in a statement that to lead Apple Enterprise Management and serve users well, it has to fill the gap and give customers what they want.

He added that by combining Wandera and Jamf, customers will now have a single source platform taking care of deployment, filtering, Application Lifecycle Management, and security across Apple devices, while simultaneously offering Zero Trust Network Access for remote workers.

The terms of the acquisition offer say the initial payment will be $350 million, with the remaining amount to be paid on two tranches of $25 million each (October and December).