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Google has unveiled Google Identity Services, composed of standard interfaces for developers to integrate Google’s One Tap for faster user sign-ups and smoother sign-up experiences. Google Identity Services aims to make it easier for businesses to get new customers and makes it easy for users to sign in.

The service includes the Sign with Google button and the new One Tap prompt.

Flip Verley, the product manager on the Google Identity team, said that Sign in with Google and One Tap use secure tokens, instead of passwords, to sign users into apps and websites.

Convenience or security?

The easier sign-up and sign-in processes are aimed at helping end-users avoid the pressure of picking between convenience and security when deciding on apps for the numerous apps they use or websites they visit.

The One Tap prompt brings the login to the user on the page that they’re at on a website. Instead of interruption when redirected to a landing page, the prompt slides up from the bottom on a mobile device and the top right on other devices.

Verley says that users can sign in or sign up with one tap and won’t have to remember the credentials and passwords used.

What the modules aim to do

Google has also tweaked the Sign with Google button (the button showing you which Google Account you’re signing in to a website with) so that it now shows more personalized user details when going back to a website.

Redding has implemented the Sign in with Google button and One Tap prompt. Pinterest has implemented the Google Identity Service APIs as well.

Google says that Reddit has increased new user sign up and returning user conversion by almost double.

What’s not to like?