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The online training and education provided by Google Cloud Skills Boost aim to help people learn online, develop their skills, and receive certifications.

With the technology industry shaping the world of employment for workers today, the demand for skills required to maintain large-scale cloud deployments has increased. As a result, Google LLC recently launched a new initiative called Google Cloud Skills Boost.

An unprecedented opportunity to learn and grow

Starting today, Google Cloud Skills Boost will provide people an opportunity to access several role-based courses, certification resources, skill badges, and approximately 700 hands-on labs. Managed directly by Google  Cloud, Google Cloud Skills Boost also included 16 new learning paths available globally.

According to Google, these training courses will help workers develop their knowledge in artificial intelligence, data analytics, machine learning, cloud architecture, and app development. Rochana Golani, the director of learning and enablement at Google Cloud Skills Boost, said, “Across the globe, digital transformations are happening at an increasing rate, and the driving force behind these transformations are the skilled, cloud-trained people that make up these organizations.”

A study conducted by A Cloud Guru revealed that while approximately 90% of people working in IT roles have expected a remarkable expansion in cloud services, 80% of them noticed that a lack of these cloud skills hinders growth opportunities.

What’s included

According to creators, users will enjoy a personalized experience with their learning paths with Google Cloud Skills Boost. Moreover, they will be able to authenticate their understanding of Google Cloud Skills Boost badges and track the progress of where they stand. The skill badges can be shown to companies and employers as evidence of their capabilities, leading to potential growth.

A study estimated that the wages of professional data engineers certified with Google earned an average of $171,749 annually.

The training can help enrollees learn more about machine learning, and prepare for professional cloud architect certification, etc. The content is available in Japanese and English.