Google revives ‘Google Labs’ with enhanced functionalities

Google revives ‘Google Labs’ with enhanced functionalities

Google LLC is bringing back a newer version of ‘Google Labs,’ but it might not be what we’re presuming.

Google has brought back ‘Google Lab’ by initiating a newer version of the group that overlooks the previous long-term projects with an improved prospect. For example, a better version of AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), and Area 120 enterprises.

A new initiative

Accompanied by the Vice president and Google executive Clay Bavor, the new Google Labs group will also incorporate Google’s existing research related to virtual reality and augmented reality projects. Moreover, the Organization will also include Google’s in-house incubator project, the Area 120 initiative. Additionally, various other potential projects will also be a part of this Organization.

Clay Bavor was recently assigned to lead Google’s efforts in augmented reality and virtual reality efforts. He also accompanied Project Starline, an initiative working towards groundbreaking holographic video conferencing automation.

As reported by Techcrunch, the first to report the news, Bavor was required to directly report to Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google LLC.

Founded in 2016, Area 120 is an incubator where several existing and startup businesses prepare their enterprising talents. The entire idea includes generating a startup and running it solely, creating a vision, and allowing its access to Google’s resources such as the data, products, services, etc.

Subsequent projects that emerged from google

The new Organization has caught great attention, and Area 120 has originated several projects that have proved to be a successful independent company. For example, Byteboard Inc., one of the most successful startups from Google, created a successful technical interview platform. Additionally, AdLingo interactive advertising and GameSnacks also spun out from Google.

It has been estimated that Area 120 inoculates around 20 projects at a time. The document scanner service, Stack, the video platform for workplaces, ThreadIt, and the WiFi spectrum Orion are some of the most fascinating projects led by Area 120.

The official revive is still on-board!

TechCrunch also reported that Google Labs hadn’t been officially revived since it internally uses the brand’s Lab. However, the initial Google Labs is still popular and widely used by people today. A confirmed source reported to TechCrunch that the new Organization aims to enhance investment areas for the future. It will assess the technology’s trends and generate long-term projects.