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A new European deep tech-focused fund, Outsized Ventures, has closed on €60 million of its inaugural fund. The new funding will be directed towards “Seed+,” which is expected to finance approximately 25 companies.

The recent years have observed a lot of interest in deep tech venture capitals. In fact, several new funds have also been launched over the last couple of years. Now, the focus is directed at the European market, which has seen a lot of potentials.

However, the most recent funding was closed by Outsized Ventures, a recently created European deep tech fund. The project received financing of €60 million, which will be allocated to “Seeds +.”  The funding will also be invested in around 25 firms.

What is Outsized Ventures?

Outsized Ventures is an early phase VC fund situated in London. It was recently founded in London by Rodrigo Mallo, Isabel Fox, and Lomax Ward, who were previously involved with Luminous Ventures and SOSV. The ultimate objective of Outsized Ventures is to move beyond the limitations of science and technology to find the resolution of complex issues.

Outsized Ventures lays an emphasis on people. This includes innovators, entrepreneurs, and creators, among others. The project focuses on providing founders capital with clean and simple terms through a swift and transparent process.

Founders involved in the fund

Some of the founders involved in the fund include angel investors, European founders, global investors, family offices, and startup operators.

One of the major Limited Partners in the project is Saul Klein, the co-founder of LocalGlobe. The shares invested by Klein, called Basecamp, are shared with his father. The claims promote seed-stage and micro funds. Robert Paull, the co-founder and venture partner at Lux Capital, is another limited partner in the fund. He is also the senior advisor at Outsized Ventures.

Equity back guarantee

Outsized Ventures promises founders with an “Equity Back Guarantee,” which ensures that the founders are returned with the cash and their equity, in the unfortunate case that Outsized Ventures fails to deliver on its promises for a three-month duration.

Outsized Ventures project can yield innovative results. The project is also quite attractive for founders interested in deep-tech funds.