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Docker’s software supply chain becomes more secure by providing a secure container registry to mitigate inherent risks

Mirantis has just launched a new product, Secure Registry 3.0, to deploy and build secure registries across any Kubernetes distribution. The in-built security features let customers trust and verify automated operations, speeding up how quickly one’s app testing happens. In addition, it integrates with CD/CI channels to do this work even faster.

Usable alongside other apps

Individuals can use Microsoft R alongside other apps in Kubernetes if they are using the latest 1.20 or later. Moreover, they can install MSR with standard Helm techniques. Although the new MSR no longer runs seamlessly with Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (MKE) as it did earlier, MKE still supports it well. The new MSR also runs well on other Kubernetes distributions.

The option to create automated workflows

Also, they can create automated workflows. For example, every time they commit to the code, this triggers a new build on their CI provider, which pushes an updated image into their registry. Once there, a webhook is fired. On a staging environment, this will either deploy the new image or notify other systems about the availability of a new image.

Handles security automatically

Too often, app developers and security experts make the mistake of overlooking security during the software lifecycle. This can lead to remote attacks & compromise, leaving them vulnerable to external vulnerabilities. For example, the MSR system stores images in a private container registry, which encrypts them like a traditional disk drive. This means that security becomes built-in to the system as it starts instead of being added on afterward.