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Apple was slapped with a 5 million euro fine by the ACM, a Dutch market authority.

Earlier this year, the ACM ruled that Apple provides insufficient payment options for dating apps marketed on the app store. Apple has been far from compliant, prompting the ACM to fine the organization with 5 million euros a week.

Currently, Apple forces its own payment system onto app developers. The ACM demanded policy changes. Apple has failed to comply, and will be fined 5 million euros a week until the total reaches 50 million euros, or its payment options are expanded.

Apple response

On February 3, Apple claimed to cooperate with the ACM by offering Dutch dating apps the opportunity to express interest in using alternative payment methods. Resultingly, the tech giant appealed against the ACM’s ruling — to no avail.

The ACM considers Apple’s actions insufficient. The authority states that it has not received sufficient information to confirm that Apple is actually introducing alternative payment methods.

In the original ruling, Apple was threatened with a 5 million euro weekly fine for failing to expand its payment options. This week, that penalty clause was activated. Apple must pay 5 million euros every week until the requirements are met or the total reaches 50 million euros.

Apple has yet to respond to the fine.