Microsoft sets sights on security specialist Mandiant

Microsoft sets sights on security specialist Mandiant

Microsoft seeks to acquire security specialist Mandiant. According to Bloomberg, the parties are currently discussing the details.

Through Mandiant, Microsoft would gain a specialist in the field of security response management and test capabilities for cybersecurity. Among other things, the security specialist develops the cloud-based Mandiant Advantage platform.

The platform enables customers to manage existing XDR solutions from multiple vendors. The solutions can be fed with the latest threat intelligence, automated defence methods and constant validation of the effectiveness of measures.

With Mandiant’s tech, Microsoft can further strengthen its security products. The purchase is expected to be part of a planned cybersecurity investment of about 17.5 billion euros ($20 billion) over the next five years.

Both sides refuse to comment on the talks, Bloomberg writes. This could be out of fear of influencing Mandiant’s share prices — or an uncertain outlook on the outcome of the negotiations.

More clout for Mandiant

An acquisition would give Mandiant more clout. Earlier, FireEye acquired Mandiant. FireEye’s majority stake lasted until last year, when Symphony Technology Group acquired the specialist. Symphony Technology Group currently owns the most shares.

Mandiant’s market value is estimated at around 3.2 billion dollars. The rumours surrounding the takeover talks sent the stock soaring 18 percent in recent days.