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The European Publishers Council (EPC) has officially filed a complaint against Google over its digital advertising platform. The EPC, which defends the interests of European publishers, says that Google hinders competition and abuses its power in the field of digital advertising technology.

In the complaint, the interest group indicates that it is high time for the European Commission to intervene in the developments of the digital advertising market. The EPC is referring to Google’s market power and alleged monopolization.

Abuse of power

According to the statement, Google has been distorting competition in the digital advertising technology market since it acquired DoubleClick in 2008. As a result, Google has been able to gain between 90 and 100 percent market share in parts of the market segment. This reduces opportunities for other digital advertising parties to the bare minimum. Google’s market power is said to make innovation impossible.

The interest group further argues that the tech giant’s digital advertising platform is full of contradictions. For example, Google’s platform represents both buyers and sellers during transactions while simultaneously functioning as an auction house. This auction house, in turn, sells proprietary inventory. To summarize, the tech giant is accused of constantly prioritizing its own interests.

Margrethe Vestager

The EPC is urging Eurocommissioner Margrethe Vestager to intervene. The Eurocommissioner is presently involved in enforcing big tech competition laws. The charges assembled by the EPC are purposed to further strengthen enforcement.