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KPN Health has acquired Open HealthHub‘s medical data exchange service.

KPN is looking to acquire and provide digital services for healthcare. The most recent acquisition concerns Open HealthHub’s ‘DVZA for VVT institutions’, a medical data exchange service used in nursing homes, rest homes and home care institutions.

The acquisition is a first step towards providing patients with access to their own medical data via the Personal Health Record (PGO), the new name for Electronic Patient Record (EPD). Personal access to EDP’s has been a privacy-sensitive issue for years.


According to KPN Health, digital data exchange among healthcare institutions is essential. By acquiring ‘DVZA for VVT institutions’, the telecom operator wants to guarantee secure data exchanges in medical environments.

New impetus for Open HealthHub

Open HealthHub itself believes that KPN Health can guarantee that the service will continue to meet the requirements set by the governments, allowing its teams to focus on further development.

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