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The Privacy Collective will appeal the dismissal of a claim alleging mass privacy violations by Oracle and Salesforce.

In 2020, The Privacy Collective filed a mass claim against Oracle and Salesforce in the Netherlands. According to the activist, the organizations violated the privacy of millions of Dutch and British people.

At the end of 2021, a judge ruled that the claim would not be dealt with in a criminal court. The case was “inadmissible”, an official word for claims that fail to meet legal requirements. The Privacy Collective does not accept the ruling. The activist is filing an appeal.


According to The Privacy Collective, Oracle and Salesforce build a personal profile of every visitor, without asking permission required by the GDPR. Oracle and Salesforce denied the allegation in a response to Techzine.

“Oracle will vigorously defend itself against these baseless claims”, said Dorian Daley, Oracle EVP and General Counsel. “Privacy is central when building and designing our services”, added Salesforce Netherlands SVP Michiel van Vlimmeren.


In the Netherlands, foundations can submit claims on behalf of alleged victims. The foundation is required to illustrate the people it is standing up for. The Privacy Collective collected 75,000 unofficial signatures in the form of likes. According to the foundation, the signatures belong to the alleged privacy abuse victims. According to the Amsterdam court, confirming the latter was near-impossible. Resultingly, the 2020-case was dismissed.