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The company is opening it for a limited release, allowing brands to adopt decentralized technology more efficiently and build loyalty programs. This new platform is bringing the potential of blockchain technology to businesses by allowing them to manage and deploy nonfungible tokens that are trustworthy and sustainable.

Additionally, the platform connects these new digital assets to Salesforce’s customer relationship management system, allowing for easy tracking and association with sales.

NFTs have quickly become an emerging market and a type of digital collectible. Many international brands have expressed interest in them but are cautious due to security concerns, ease of use, and sustainability issues.

Addressing the concerns

Adam Caplan, general manager of Web3 at Salesforce, explained that the launch of NFT Management (formerly known as NFT Cloud) allows companies to create and manage their digital collectibles through Salesforce.

Digital collectibles minted and managed on the platform are audited and secured. The company has also engaged its Office of the Ethical and Humane Use of Technology and Web3 Advisory Board to speak to ethics issues and value-driven approaches for Web3 technology.

Additionally, the company will only work with energy-efficient proof-of-stake blockchains, which produce 99% fewer emissions than proof-of-work ones. Since launching in 2022, more than 275,000 transactions have been registered by the platform for brands such as Crown Royal, Mattel, and Scotch & Soda, which have used the platform to create and securely deploy digital collectibles.

Salesforce is also making available Web3 Connect

It’s a new application programming interface integration that allows brands to create personalized experiences more quickly through their websites and apps, so they can offer NFTs and track them through Salesforce.

Salesforce Web3 and NFT Management are now available for brands interested in creating and releasing their own NFT digital collectibles. However, it’s still in limited general availability as Salesforce helps new businesses embrace this new technology.

The ownership of a digital collectible could open up opportunities for discounts in a store or activate digital experiences or VIP rooms on a website only accessible to people who have that digital collectible, similar to the way specific premium NFT Hot Wheels can be redeemed for the physical car.

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